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  • Extra-Curricular

    Broadening pupils’ horizons

    We introduce children to a world beyond their immediate experience so as to heighten their aspirations, and build awareness of the possibilities available to them.

    Our programme of experiences and activities includes:

    • Residential visits for Years 1 to 6, offering exciting opportunities for new learning while spending time away from home and away from London;

    • Visits to key London museums, galleries and institutions, many of which are within walking distance;

    • Expert visitors who come into school to talk about their lives and work;

    • An introduction to university life for older pupils.

    After-school clubs

    We encourage children to develop interests and hobbies by attending clubs and activities after school. These currently include ballet, basketball, chess, choir, cookery, drama, drumming and gymnastics.

    A charge is made for after-school clubs, which run between 4pm and 5pm.

    Trips and Visits

    Trips and visits are a key feature of our curriculum, and enrich learning in many subjects, such as History, Geography and Art.

    Each Year group makes frequent trips to London’s galleries, museums and institutions. Years 1 to 6 undertake residential visits further afield in order to broaden children’s horizons. For example, pupils in Year 5 visit a remote rural location in Cumbria, and benefit enormously from the contrast with London.

    We also invite visitors to school to support our pupils’ learning.

    Millbank Academy

    Millbank Academy, Erasmus Street London SW1P 4HR
    Tel: 020 3262 0068