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  • Ethos, Values & Qualities

    Millbank children bring a range of linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, and this cultural diversity is a key characteristic of the school. We want all our children to become culturally literate, which E.D. Hirsch Jnr defines as possessing “the basic information needed to thrive in the modern world”. This is how we increase pupils’ academic success and life chances.

    Our vision of success

    Each and every child in our school succeeds – our skilled and committed teachers and support staff are passionate about what they do, and work hard to ensure your child flourishes.

    Children enjoy learning – our curriculum is stretching and stimulating. We promote excellent learning and social behaviour.

    Relationships are open and trusting – school staff actively encourage personal relationships between home and school and between child and teacher.

    Parents support their child’s education – we involve parents and carers in pupils’ progress and attainment, and there is a productive partnership between home and school.

    Our school first opened in 1901, and has been an important part of the community ever since. We are very proud of its history and of our Grade II listed Victorian building and site.

    Most children live in the local community, and many join our Nursery class aged three and a half. They stay with us until they leave for secondary school at the end of Year 6, aged 11. The majority of Millbank pupils move on to the Outstanding Pimlico Academy for their secondary education.

    Nurturing good citizens

    We help our pupils to realise their important role as citizens in their community, as Londoners and as citizens of the United Kingdom.

    We play a positive part in the life of the local community by initiating community events, building a relationship with older residents, and volunteering. Older children take part in the school volunteering scheme, Millbank Junior Citizens, and give their time and energy for the benefit of the school and community.

    Children raise funds for a chosen charity, and undertake meaningful activities that link home and school. They learn the rewards of acting for the benefit of others.

    Children’s academic success relies on achieving the highest standards of behaviour, participation and attendance. Our pastoral care focuses on these standards, as we work in partnership with parents, carers and other agencies to ensure an environment in which children can learn.

    All Millbank staff are proactively involved in the care of children across the whole school, and are positive in their approach.

    Behaviour – Our guiding rules

    We expect the highest standards of behaviour. Our behaviour code is applied consistently through our guiding rules, which are displayed in each classroom and in the playground. Our rules underpin everything we do:

    • We come to school to learn – Millbank Academy has the highest expectations for progress and attainment, and for behaviour. We are relentless in promoting excellent teaching and learning.

    • We respect each other – we insist on the use of respectful words and actions from everyone, to everyone.

    • We keep each other safe – we have the highest expectations for social behaviour, self-control and self-responsibility. The warm and friendly environment of our school ensures that all children feel safe and secure.

    Millbank Academy

    Millbank Academy, Erasmus Street London SW1P 4HR
    Tel: 020 3262 0068