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    Maths with Parents

    At Millbank, we have teamed up with Maths with Parents to help bridge the gap between school and home. This has been launched in KS1 courtesy of the PTA. The rationale behind the programme is to bridge the gap between school and home and to increase enjoyment of homework for our younger pupils.

    When it comes to maths, it is not always easy for parents to support their children as: 

    • The topics often use new techniques, which parents may never have seen. 
    • Only 5% of parents know what topic their child is currently learning, which helps to create consistency between school and home.
    • Many parents feel anxious or negative towards maths.

    We want our parents to be fully aware of what and how we are teaching maths so that they are more confident to support their child. We also want homework to be more collaborative, with parents working alongside their pupils, talking and engaging with the maths.

    So how does it work?

    • Every two to three weeks parents receive a short video in which pupils of your child's age explain how the maths is taught.
    • Then they play fun activities together about the topic whilst talking about the maths. There is a reward scheme to earn clothes to dress up your personalised Math-scot monkey. There are often no 'right' or 'wrong' answers, only games to play and opportunities to discover how Maths has plenty of applications in real life.
    • Teachers receive feedback from pupils and parents through the comments section so we know how you are all getting on!

    When there is no video to watch, pupils will be given homework to be completed in their maths books. We prioritise all homework at Millbank and expect all tasks to be attempted. 

    Click here to find out more about Maths with Parents.


    We are also proud to be working in partnership with the Mathletics community. Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond.

    Every child, in every class has their own unique log in where they have access to a range of activities in different areas.

    The main areas for use at home are:

    • Learn -  Students have access to a full set of curriculum activities, aligned to the primary maths curriculum, backed up by interactive tutorials and print-based materials.
    • Play - The cornerstone of Mathletics’ success is its ability to engage students. Games and apps in the Play area target maths fluency, including the famous Live Mathletics, where they can compete against children from as close as their own class or from the other side of the world!

    To celebrate pupil achievements and consistent effort we celebrate silver and gold certificates in our Friday assemblies and encourage parents to attend. Points gained from correct answers across live and play Mathletics add up to earn certificates. See here for more information. (Include poster)

    KS2 Homework

    In KS2 we use Mathletics to set homework every two or three weeks. These tasks can be found in the learn area and pupils will be restricted to accessing any other areas of the site until it is complete.

    Teachers can set appropriate tasks for individual pupils and then access pupil results to see where additional support is needed.

    Any KS2 pupil who is unable to access Mathletics at home can use the computing suite at lunch time with one of the maths teachers.

    Parents can set up their own account here to monitor their child's progress.

    For any technical support Mathletics encourage parents to contact them direct here.

    Millbank Academy

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